As a vital hub of artistic expression and community engagement, the CMS relies on the generous support of local businesses like yours to thrive. 
By becoming a sponsor, you not only contribute to the vibrancy and growth of our cultural landscape but also gain valuable exposure and networking opportunities. 
Explore the benefits of sponsorship and join us in our mission to enrich lives through the power of theatre and musical performance. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our community and beyond. 

Invest in local talent

Why partner with us?

enhance your visibility

Align your brand with CMS to gain increased visibility and recognition within the community and beyond. As a sponsor, your business will be prominently featured in our marketing materials, performances, and events, reaching a diverse audience of music enthusiasts and supporters.

positive brand association

Demonstrate your commitment to the arts and community development by partnering with CMS. Associating your brand with our dedicated organisation enhances your reputation and fosters goodwill among customers who value corporate social responsibility and cultural enrichment.

networking opportunities

Expand your professional network by engaging with other sponsors, patrons, and stakeholders within the CMS community. As a sponsor, you'll have exclusive access to networking events, VIP experiences, and collaborative opportunities, fostering mutually beneficial relationships that can drive business growth and success.

By sponsoring our society, you actively contribute to the progress of creative arts in Camden and its surrounding areas, establishing your brand as an advocate of cultural and community development.

Your sponsorship funds are used to support our productions, and will help cover expenses such as costuming, printing of promotional material, sets and props, venue fees, programmes, audio-visual equipment hire and various other production-related costs.


In   kind sponsors

We also welcome in-kind sponsorships, where your business provides goods, services or donations in exchange for sponsor benefits. Types of in-kind sponsorships could include costumes, props, audio-visual equipment, venue hire, photography, design and any other relevant goods or service. Benefits for in-kind sponsorships and donations will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

2024 Sponsorship Prospectus

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do you spot an opportunity and would like to discuss it further in-person?

We would love to hear from you! Get in touch with our committee today to discuss the unique sponsorship opportunities with CMS. 

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